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Top Mass Communication Colleges in Delhi

In the last 20 years, the field of Mass Communication has acquired extremely large popularity as it touches most corners of human lives through Print Media like newspapers, Electronic Media like TV, and the Internet. Digital medium like mobile and the internet has played a great role in the rise of mass communication as a carrier-making field. This penetration in society has opened many interests in the field for students.

Mass Media & Mass Communication courses offer knowledge in different fields and even give good career opportunities in the field of Journalism. You not only earn a good pay package in the Mass com field but can get high work satisfaction.

Mass Communication is the prominent medium to disperse information to a large number of people (masses). Now day Mass communication is not limited to Journalism, in fact, Journalism is a part of Mass Communication. Mass Communication has made its branches like news compiling and presenting or reporting, film direction, film production, Public Relation, advertising, corporate communications, and Event Management.

Syllabus Of Mass Communication & Mass Media

Subjects in studying Mass Communication depend on the type of field you choose (UG, PG, Degree, Certificate, or Diploma). However, any course a candidate decides to study will contain both theory and practical experiences including internships, seminars, study tours, etc.

Criteria to select top mass communication colleges:

Some of the most important criteria that Mass Media candidates should consider while shortlisting their preferred National Institute of Mass Communication are mentioned in the prospectus.

A degree or certificate in journalism & mass communication can open doors in the Mass media field. You can turn into a Public Relation master and handle the advertising of praised associations and even VIPs. You can become a specialist coordinator of super occasions and programs and win reputations through your correspondence and hierarchical dispositions. On the off chance that you are attracted to get a job in mass communication, here are the top positioning journalism and mass communication colleges in Delhi.

Prominent Mass Communication & Media Courses Run By Nimcin Delhi

Short Term Courses offered by NIMC:
  • Diploma in News Reading, Anchoring & Reporting
  • Diploma in Video Production, Camera & light
  • Diploma in Acting and Performing Media
  • Diploma in Video Editing
  • Diploma in Photography
  • Diploma in Radio Jockeying
Undergraduate Courses offered by NIMC:
  • Diploma In Mass Communication, Advertisement And Journalism
  • Bachelors Of Arts in Mass Communication & Journalism
Post Graduate Courses offered by NIMC:
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication, Advertisement and Journalism
  • Master of Arts in Mass Communication & Journalism