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Certificate Course in Digital Video Editing


National Institute of Mass Communication best & Top mass Com College, offers certified course in digital video editing. This course aims to provide the general idea about the editing filed. Students will be trained to capture videos from different sources and put them in a time line with the sequence, incorporating music, audio effects, voiceover, and designs. Students will know all job role of an editor. We are one of the top institute for video editing certificate course in Delhi.

NIMC provides the platform for the students to know the art of telling stories through visual effects. Digital Video Editing will help students to understand the working of post-production.

While doing a certified course in digital Video Editing with NIMC, students will acquire-Sense of assembling data, do editing including the usage of VFX and SFX, more importantly learning the aesthetics Videography.

Learn Video Editing From Basics to Advance

As in NIMC best & Top mass Com College provides video editing certificate course for potential editors gain experience, they look for editing positions. NIMC offers students opportunities in films production houses as part time or full-time editors.

The steps towards becoming a film editor includes a certified course of digital video editing gaining production experience, and looking for editing positions for advancement.

Video Editing Certificate Program

In today’s world of competition, proper education and required training in the field of video editing is somewhat missing to create a good professional. The intend of National Institution of Mass Communication is to bridge the gap between the academics and the industry and to improve professional conditions for the employees so that they can feel a better ambiance and surroundings with the help of their professional grooming with us.

Our certificate course in digital video editing teaches you the skills and knowledge needed to edit videos professionally. Here are some examples of what you might learn in a digital video editing course:

  • Introduction to digital video editing tools and techniques, such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, or DaVinci Resolve.
  • Understanding the editing process, including organizing footage, assembling a rough cut, refining the edit, and adding audio and visual effects.
  • Color correction and grading techniques to enhance the look and feel of your footage.
  • Sound editing techniques, such as adjusting levels, adding sound effects, and mixing audio tracks.
  • Exporting and distributing your finished video in various formats, such as YouTube, Vimeo, and broadcast television.
  • Advanced techniques such as motion graphics, compositing, and special effects.
  • Developing a creative vision for your video projects and how to collaborate with clients and other creatives to bring your ideas to life.

Our certificate courses might also include hands-on projects, assignments, and critiques to help you apply what you have learned and receive feedback from instructors and peers.

Digital Video Production Certificate Course

The entire visual media is expressed through the visual grammar. Therefore, editing is the spine of any visual program. At NIMC, students will get good ample of knowledge about the grammar for both film and television, documentaries, ad-films, TC serials and multi-camera productions. A variety of types of cuts and its usage, flexibility of movements, the power of cut, news-reel cutting, documentary editing, news editing, on-line editing for multi-camera productions are part of the program. Expansion of the film grammar is comprehensive.

Certificate Course In Digital Video Editing

Students are given in hand experience inputs for operating systems used in the industry.

The syllabus in Digital Video editing includes:

  • Film Language
  • Film Grammar
  • Various Editing Software’s
  • Sequences
  • Uses of VFX & SFX
  • News reel cutting
  • Sound Production
  • Editing news capsule ENG