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Certificate course in Camera and lighting

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Certificate course in Camera and lighting


Certificate course in Camera and lighting course has been designed for students who want to get trainned the other aspects of media industry. It is a complete course, offering all the aspects of camera & lighting required for a professional. The students at NIMC will have practical learning experience using the camera & lighting as a tool to create their own quality.

In fact, a good cameraman is no less than a painter or an artist who uses his or her artistry to make a good graphic sense. Likewise, lighting is an art too which is used for illuminating the scene to get the best picture out of it.

Eligibility : 12th Pass
No. of seats : 20 per batch
Medium : Hindi & English
Affiliation : own flagship course

National institute of Mass Communication offers a certificate & comprehensive course in camera and lighting. Learn all aspects of camera and lighting, perfect for corporate videos, news reports and documentaries. Start a new career as a camera and lighting professional.Camera and lighting students learn by practical experience using the camera and lighting as a tool to pursue their own excellence.

Lighting Films and Television are a medium of the camera because all techniques of screen presentation are related to it. Using the camera is a highly creative job. The training of a cameraperson has to users understanding the potential of the equipment as well as developing artistic bent of mind. A good cameraperson has to possess a keen pictorial sense together with manual dexterity and coordination. Lighting in television and films is much more than just making things visible. The objective of television and film lighting is to illuminate the scene to produce a good quality as well as a pleasing picture. Lighting for films and television is an art which is best learnt by doing.

The camera & lighting training helps its students theoretically and practically to become efficient and effective videographers & lighting professionals for production houses & news channels. We have various camera with latest lights, etc. for the students.

Course Outline

  • Components of still camera/ optical and operations
  • How to take good Photograph
  • Difference between Still Photography and Videography
  • 180 degree imaginary line
  • Camera Movements
  • Shooting in Different Light
  • Sound
  • Recording sound
  • Sound Tracks
  • Sound Mixing
  • Principles of Lighting for news programmes
  • Studio Lighting
  • Set Lighting
  • Interview Lighting

The nimc training course in Camera and Lighting Techniques prepares the student through carefully designed practical exercises and theoretical instructions to learn to use the camera and the lights as a persuasive production tools as well as to handle the ever-changing equipment with confidence.