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Diploma in video Camera Production

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Diploma in video Camera Production


National Institute of Mass communication has finally launched a diploma in video production camera and light. The short term course in video production is of six months. It gives a detailed understanding of camera production, sequence and shot making. It will also cover three point lighting and sound technology. Certificate course in camera and production is a very essential course for people who are looking forward to pursue a career in production houses and broadcasting channels as a camera person , production manager, video editor , filmmaker , director, script writer, sound and broadcasting engineer.

This short term course in camera production in NIMC, India will focus on the art of camera work along with the use of sound and light in video production. During a period of six months course, we will make fiction and nonfiction film, short clips and sequences in understanding the art of using camera as a tool of storytelling. The certificate course will cover basic three stages of video production. The stages would be Pre production, Production and Post production. A detailed understanding will be developed on Concepts of video production. Short term course in video production will train the candidate on construction of Idea, Proposal Writing, character sketching, story writing, scripting and screenplay writing in case of a fiction film. Documentary films will perhaps cover concept note & Idea development, proposal writing, and treatment of narrative. Diploma in video production in National Institute of Mass Communication will include Introduction to camera. Students would be trained on Camera Handling and operation. Certificate course will give practical exposure of Camera Movements & Digital technology Various Shots. Workshops would be conducted on Camera aesthetics, compositions and Sequence Construction. Short term course in video production will also cover styles of storytelling with an Introduction to documentary and fiction- Types & Genres. Reference books would be advised to study the video production concepts in detail. The course also focuses on lighting for video with special practical understanding of three Point Lighting and light dynamics in production. Students shall be trained on sound engineering for video production. The short term course in video camera production is based completely on a practical workshop method. It will give an opportunity to all the students to submit practical video project for completion of the certificate programme. This is a perfect course for people who want to make a career in the field of Television and films broadcasting. Kindly contact Arti Gupta on +91 7042570955 for admissions. Batch is about to get filled